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Established in 1961 for the sole purpose of financially encouraging the strategic ministry work of Young Life.

Real Donor Stories

Johnny and Tanner

Former football player Johnny Musso and his wife, Tanner, have a game plan in place that promises to touch generations with the message of Christ.

Iral and Gwen

Iral and Gwen Barrett invest in Young Life through their involvement and generous giving and they’re confident their investment will yield eternal returns.

Doug and Norma

Norma Madsen and her husband Doug are making an eternal impact for God’s kingdom through the ministry of giving — a calling they take seriously and live out daily.

The Young Life Legacy Funds

Accelerating the present, ensuring the future.

The Every Kid Fund

PURPOSE: Grow healthy, long-term, fruit-bearing ministry around the world by caring for the entire ministry eco-system and preserving the essential DNA of Young Life.


Campership Legacy Fund

PURPOSE: Helping unreached kids all over the world so that they can have an encounter with Jesus Christ through a week of Young Life camp.

International Legacy Fund

PURPOSE: Working to ensure that ministry around the world has the leadership and finances to thrive for the long-term with the goal of reaching many more kids with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Under-Resourced Communities Fund (Formerly the Every Kind Fund V. 1)

PURPOSE: ​ Advance ministry to kids in under-resourced communities here in the U.S. as they to move from “survive to thrive” with the goal of creating long-term stability of both leadership and finances so that more kids have an encounter with Jesus Christ.

Military Legacy Fund

PURPOSE: To ensure that ministry to military kids around the world can thrive for the long-term with the goal of reaching many more kids with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Young Life is a mission devoted to introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith.

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